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Oriental Engineers (Pvt) Limited is an engineering company working with various Government, Semi Government and Private Organizations since 1965.


OEL started as a contractor / manufacturer / service provider since beginning and have done many projects with Power Houses, Cement Industry and Food Industry etc… 


For more than five decades OEL is in the market and has earned good reputation amongst its customers by virtue of vast experience in different fields and after sales service support which distinguish OEL from its competitors. OEL enjoys the flexibility and adaptability to absorb new fields/technologies.


The rapid change of technology sometimes makes it difficult to know what capabilities may be offered now and what may be offered soon. OEL enjoys a close working relationship with its partners so as to know what is coming. This allows OEL to suggest the future investment(s) for its client(s).


Whether it is equipment selection or field problems, our qualified engineers are at your disposal for assistance.

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About Us