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Oriental Engineers (Pvt) Limited is known in the industry for supplying best quality solutions. Due to our vast experience in different industries being as a contractor and doing turn-key projects; OEL has the capability to offer variety of products and spare parts under various sectors:

Tunneling & Underground Infrastructure/ Mining:

OEL provides state of the art Drilling or Mechanical excavation equipment. Our team can help and guide you in selection of right equipment based on your project needs.

We offer reliable and durable supporting equipment e.g. concrete spraying pumps, scaling, grouting in mines, slopes, shafts and tunnels. We have different solutions for your specific application.

We provide vide range of underground / Mining dumpers, haulers, dumpers and mixers to carry out the materials. We can supply based on your specific needs.


OEL has several solutions for ventilation of mines/mine shaft, underground tunnels/ Dams / Infrastructure monitoring System.


Selection of Mining & Tunneling Tools are very important factor besides the selection of right machines. We can guide and help our clients in selection of right tools for proper application.

Surface Mining:

Mining equipment vary depending whether the work is being carried out above or below the ground or mining for gold, metals, coal or crude oil. From drilling machines to excavators, crushing and grinding equipment, OEL has the right manufacturers and local made tools in Pakistan to cater the demand of local Industry.


OEL has been providing services and selling Trenchless Utility Equipment in Pakistan for local industry. We have the right machines, tools and geophysical equipment.

Civil Construction:

We have different solutions both locally and with foreign Manufacturers offering right machines for your needs at the jobsite.

Geophysical and Monitoring Instrumentation:

Whether it is related to mineral exploration/ oil & gas or water exploration (Land, Air or Sea) or on other hand if it is environmental monitoring or utility detection; OEL has the team of engineers to provide services and right manufacturers to service the industries, universities or local contractors.

Laboratory Testing Measurement Equipment:

We have supplied from time to time to local Industries, research institutes and have done turn-key projects with the help of foreign or local investment. We also offer and provide regular trainings and workshops.

Analytical and Research Equipment:

We have the right instruments for like Polymer, Nano-technology, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Bio-Technology and NDT industry etc..

Process control and HVAC system:

We have complete range of valves, pumps, actuators, pipes, vacuum fittings, chart recorder, chillers, air handling units and instrumentation from various suppliers around the world.

Workshop and Foundry:

As a contractor we have our own state of the art workshop facility to manufacture the tools for local needs. Based on our experience OEL has been supplying related equipment like CNC Lathe, Laser cutting, milling, Grinding, Bending, Hydraulic machines to different sectors.

Educational Trainers:

OEL has done turn-key projects with different Government Organization like Higher Education Commission (HEC) in providing vast range of educational trainers.

Spares Parts:

OEL supply 100% OEM spares from our sub-suppliers and also manufacture some spare parts locally

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